About My Art

Living in a quiet area of northwest England, on the edge of coast, hills, lakes and moorland, I find that the natural world offers rich and varied inspiration for my work, from small organic forms to wide, dramatic skies and the play of light on water.

My return to art, following a career in teaching overseas and social science research at Lancaster University, was inspired by learning to meditate. I became interested in the ways in which art can give form to feeling, inspire reflection and contribute to a sense of emotional or spiritual wellbeing. This led to my training in art psychotherapy, providing one-to-one support at a cancer day-care centre and helping set up groups in hospital and community for people living with stroke and M.E.

In recent years I have focussed more on my own art, which is regularly shown in local galleries. I have also exhibited at Brantwood, Coniston (the lakeland home of John Ruskin) and with The Pastel Society and The Society of Botanical Artists in national exhibitions in London. My paintings and drawings can be found in private collections in the UK and overseas. 

I welcome all enquiries. 

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  1. Rob Mawhinney avatar
    Rob Mawhinney Jul 15, 2015

    Looks good Fiona: were we in Egypt (Ismailia) at the same time??  Would be good to hear from you.